Mic (mi_b) wrote,

разведчики и шпионы

Economist, статья про старинную немецкую библиотеку, которую восстанавливают после пожара (в закрытом доступе):

...the library took its pick from 140 first-edition Enlightenmentclassics donated by the family of the Duke of Sachsen-Meiningen. Looted by the Russian army in 1945, the books languished in a dusty library in Georgia before they were returned to the family in the mid-1990s. Meanwhile, Fred Warren, the son of a former American, presented the Anna Amalia with Vinzenz Briemle's two rare illustrated volumes of travel writing after he discovered that the library's copies were destroyed in the fire. These follow journeys to Italy, Germany,Austria and the Holy Land and date from 1727. The books, which MrWarren's father brought back to America as a German war souvenir in1945, are among only ten surviving examples...

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