February 13th, 2004

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судя по http://news.yandex.ru в российских новостях про это ничего нет...

BN Feb 13 2004 12:27
Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Ivan Rybkin, the Russian presidential
candidate who went missing for five days earlier this month, said
he disappeared because he was kidnapped and drugged.
The politician said he doesn't know who kidnapped him and said
that he will stay out of Russia until presidential elections on
March 14. Rybkin's statement was distributed before a press
conference in London. [...]

Update: или это все рунет-сми так телемоста обешанного ждут? Неужели они настолько солидарны, что могут такую новость все вместе не вбрасывать до телемоста чтобы была сенсация? Удивительно...
child pic

"Человек, непохожий на президента"-2,

софт порно, 72 часа non-stop.

Кажется, проясняется:

He said he had been lured under false pretences to Kiev -- where he was kidnapped, given tea, felt sleepy and passed out. He said woke up in another apartment five days later.

Rybkin was later told he had been part of a "special operation" and was shown a videotape. He said he was on the tape and the content was "revolting," he but refused to describe it.

а еще, помнится, пару дней назад упоминали, что в гостиницу "Украина" он входил "с двумя очень привлекательными дамами".