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Thursday, February 17th, 2005

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борьба с антиглобалистами
трейдеры с нефтяной биржи взяли ее в свои руки:

What [Greenpeace activists] were not prepared for was the post-prandial aggression of oil traders who kicked and punched them back on to the pavement.
“We bit off more than we could chew. [...]” one protester said, rubbing his bruised skull. “I’ve never seen anyone less amenable to listening to our point of view.”
Another said: “I took on a Texan Swat team at Esso last year and they were angels compared with this lot.”

(Kyoto protest beaten back by inflamed petrol traders)

Трейдеры с торговых площадок (а не просиживающие штаны за компьютером) вообще лихие и простые ребята. Ну и, по-видимому, мотивация у них была лучше, чем у службы безопасности ;)

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