February 8th, 2007

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$90,000 за квадратный метр

Новый лондонский рекорд: непостроенная квартира за $160М. Кажется, такого не было даже в Токио перед лопанием их пузыря в начале 90х.

Update: было еше и похлеще: Prices were highest in Tokyo's Ginza district in 1989, with some fetching over US$1.5 million per square meter ($139,000 per square foot), and only slightly less in other areas of Tokyo. By 2004, prime "A" property in Tokyo's financial districts were less than 1/100th of their peak, and Tokyo's residential homes were 1/10th of their peak, but still managed to be listed as the most expensive real estate in the world. Some US$20 trillion (1999 dollars) was wiped out with the combined collapse of the real estate market and the Tokyo stock market. Eсли сравнивать по американскому CPI (Consumer Price Index), то $139,000/ft2 в 1989 - это $231,000/ft2 сейчас, то есть, в Токио было раз в 30 дороже