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Monday, December 12th, 2011

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Кажется, много кто из антропологов определяет наличие похороного ритуала как признак разумности.

It was long considered a solitary animal, but modern studies are revealing a complex social hierarchy. Parents often assume “joint custody” of their offspring, and long after weaning, youngsters spend time with both mom and dad, learning to hunt and scavenge within their protected territories.
Chadwick relates the story of a wolverine kit that perished during its first winter. Researchers later found the tiny body in a depression scraped from the ground, and covered with pieces of wood chewed from a nearby log. It was, in the words of the researcher, undoubtedly a wolverine burial site.

Другие определения включают использование и изготовление инструментов, но тут то обезьяны и вороны давно справились.

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