December 3rd, 2018

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hugging news

Ted Baker staff launch petition over 'forced hugging'

Staff at fashion group Ted Baker allege there is a culture of "forced hugging" by the firm's founder and boss, which they are now demanding be ended.[...] The company, which issues a trading update on Thursday, says hugs are "part of Ted Baker's culture, but are absolutely not insisted upon". It said Mr Kelvin greeted many people with a hug, "be it a shareholder, investor, supplier, partner, customer or colleague".

In seeking to comply with the Linux kernel's new Code of Conduct enacted by the recent 4.19 release, a patch series has been sent out today replacing profane kernel code comments with "hugs". [...] Some of the revised code comments now include "IOC3 is hugging hugged beyond belief", "Only Sun can take such nice parts and hug up the programming interface like this. Good job guys...", "Hugging broken ABI", "avoid hugging up the memory controller (somehow)", and "Hug, we are miserable poor guys..."