Mic (mi_b) wrote,

как Каддафи помирился с Западом

и что произошло в процессе с суверенным фондом


Now, on the eve of the American invasion of Iraq, Seif offered the British spies a new deal: In exchange for taking steps to further open to the West, his father would be willing to come clean about Libya’s weapons of mass destruction—which, unlike Saddam Hussein’s programs in Iraq, turned out to be far more advanced than the West imagined.

In addition to secret WMD facilities hidden in the Sahara, Qaddafi had something else of interest: billions of dollars in oil wealth that the regime was desperate to invest in banks, stocks, hedge funds, property markets, infrastructure projects, advanced fighter planes, and almost anything else that Western governments and corporations had to offer. The resulting gold rush was so wildly lucrative, and obscenely unprincipled, that it continues to reverberate at the highest levels of global finance and politics a decade later.

After British Prime Minister Tony Blair left office in 2007, he joined JPMorgan Chase’s (JPM) investment banking unit in London and became a frequent visitor to Libya.
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