Mic (mi_b) wrote,

И опять про евро-палетты

в прошлый раз, на них хранились никем нетронутые несчитанные миллиарды в транзитной зоне зоне Шереметьево. А теперь они несут угрозу невиданному процветанию, которое ждет Британию по освобождению от европейских пут.

LONDON — The UK government is due to hold emergency talks with industry leaders on Tuesday after discovering that the country doesn't have the right pallets to continue exporting goods to the European Union if it leaves without a deal next month.

Under strict EU rules, pallets — wooden structures that companies use to transport large volumes of goods — arriving from non-member states are required to meet a series of checks and standards.

Wood pallets must be heat-treated or cleaned to prevent contamination and the spread of pests, and have specific markings to confirm that they are legal in EU markets.

Most pallets that British exporters are using do not conform to these rules for non-EU countries, or "third countries," as EU member states follow a much more relaxed set of regulations.
Tags: brexit, crisis, uk
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