Mic (mi_b) wrote,

об обременениях на дома

Оказывается, бывает даже так (из объявления о продаже неожиданно дешевого дома в Surrey):

[The house] is subject to a condition on the original planning permission, as follows:- "The occupation of the dwelling shall be limited to: a) a person solely or mainly employed, or last employed, in the locality in agriculture as defined in Section 336 of the Town and Country PlanningAct 1990, or in forestry; or b) a person solely or mainly employed inagriculture, or in forestry and in the operation of a commercial horselivery enterprise undertaken at Lower Church Farm, Speldhurst, or a widow / widower of such a person, or a dependent of such a personresiding with him or her. The Local Planning Authority advise that 25hours per week should be worked in agriculture to comply with thecondition and the equestrian activities would be additional to this.Annual income should be around 12,000 per annum with approximately 8,000 earned from agricultural activities and 4,000 from the DIY livery business.


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